If you spend a lot of time online, you’re going to need some protection while you surf. Advertisers, malicious parties and even your own internet provider can peek at your browsing history and data, leaving your information ripe for the picking.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, send all of your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to disguise your location, browsing history and location. TigerVPN is a highly acclaimed internet security tool that’s on sale right now.

Engadget, CNET, TechRadar and several other publications love TigerVPN. Its military-grade encryption works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Its encrypted tunnel prevents anyone (even government entities) from tracking your data and using it for targeted marketing.

If you’re a frequent traveler, TigerVPN is a must. It masks your location, so you can access geo-restricted content, like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix, in countries that block those websites. TigerVPN’s high connection speeds also help you stream without buffering.

You can access up to 15 TigerVPN nodes in 11 different countries to maintain your anonymity. This VPN even shields you from other VPN users with an included firewall.

A three-year subscription to TigerVPN would normally set you back $429. Right now you can increase your online security for only $69.99 (83% off).

Like this deal? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Enter code VAULTONE to try it out for just $1!

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