Apple dropped a new beta of iOS 12.2 and it adds quite a few new features. Some are good, some are eye candy and one is just plain deceptive. Here’s what we can expect from the next significant release of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The Good

Apple has redesigned several elements of the user interface with a new lock screen that only shows battery life, a bunch of new animojis and a refresh of the Control Centre with the Music widget now making it easier to switch the playback to different devices through a revised AirPlay interface.

Apple Wallet also received some attention with the ability to sort transactions updated and the ability to add funds directly to Apple Cash.

Downtime has been given some more functionality and can now be set for specific days and times and Maps also gets weather conditions and air quality.

The Bad

This one is plain bullshit.

In the USA, AT&T has done some work on their 4G network to enhance its performance. But, somehow, they’ve conned Apple into letting them use the 5GE logo on the handset when connecting to the faster network.
Regulators in Australia won’t allow that but it’s poor form given 5G is actually a ratified set of standards that the AT&T network doesn’t yet conform to.

Ho To Get the iOS 12.2 Public Beta

Apple’s public beta program does require signing up and registering your device. As we always recommend, don’t put beta versions on devices you rely on and always backup everything in case you need to revert to the previous version without losing any data.

If you use any of Apple’s health related services, your backup needs to be encrypted or that private, and potentially sensitive, data is not included in the backup.

  1. Go to on the iPhone or iPad you want to enrol in the beta and tap Sign up
  2. Type in your Apple ID email address and password and hit the Sign in button.
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Tap on the iOS tab at the beta website
  5. Tap on Download profile and then hit Install a couple of times, reading and agreeing to any licensing agreements that pop up.
  6. Restart the device. The, go to Settings | General | Updates and you should see the latest beta listed so you can update your device.

(Excerpt) Read more Here | 2019-02-06 20:30:00
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