Niantic has released a new software update for Pokémon GO on iOS devices, that brings the location-based game to version 1.99.2.

This 285.2 MB update has introduced Trainer Battles for the first time, presenting the chance to challenge nearby Pokémon Trainers, your Ultra Friends and Best Friends online or team leaders to battle with three Pokémon.

You will earn rewards as you compete in Trainer Battle Leagues, the one that you choose to enter determining the CP limit for the Pokémon that can participate.

The developer has also added new hair colours and skin tones for Trainer avatars, which you can use to customise your character.


  • Trainers can now challenge someone nearby to a Trainer Battle by scanning their Battle Code.
  • Trainers can send remote Trainer Battle challenges to their Ultra Friends or Best Friends.
  • Trainers can also Trainer Battle against team leaders Spark, Candela and Blanche.
  • Trainer Battles take place in one of three different Trainer Battle Leagues, and each requires a team of three Pokémon. Each Trainer Battle League has different Pokémon CP limits.
  • Trainers can earn rewards for participating in Trainer Battles.
  • New hair colours and skin tones will be available for Trainer avatars.

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