The newest major operating system update for Android is finally expanding, bringing European Samsung Galaxy S9 users an early Christmas present that wasn’t expected till January.

Users across the continent are reporting update availability, from Germany, to the Netherlands.

The update brings Samsung’s One UI to Galaxy S9s and S9+ and is the same one that is scheduled to power the upcoming S10 lineup and the so-called Galaxy F folding handset that the company teased at their developer conference last month.

As phones grow to tablet size, they become more and more unwieldy for our hands, so this new update has been designed to make interface easier and human hand-compatible. One UI supposedly declutters the screen while reorganising the interface to be more streamlined and intuitive, and you even have a dark mode option.

What’s most impressive about this rollout, however, is not the software but rather the speed at which the company is managing to get it to their customers following the original launch.

Android Oreo wasn’t available to S8 owners until seven months after the original release, and Nougat took five months to get to the S7. With Pie’s release having taken place in early August 2018, the expansion is nearing on a mere four-month delay. – AFP Relaxnews

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