The city of Las Vegas’ pilot program with NTT and Dell, designed to crack down on wrong-way driving on municipal roads, is just part of the big plans that Sin City has for leveraging IoT tech in the future, according to the city’s director of technology Michael Sherwood.

, who sat down with Network World at the IoT World conference in Silicon Valley this week.

The system uses smart cameras and does most of its processing at the edge, according to Sherwood. The only information that gets sent back to the city’s private cloud is metadata – aggregated information about overall patterns, for decision-making and targeting purposes, not data about individual traffic incidents and wrong-way drivers.

It’s an important public safety consideration, he said, but it’s a small part of the larger IoT-enabled framework that the city envisions for the future.

“Our goal is to make our data open to the public, not only for transparency purposes, but to help spur development and create new applications to make Vegas a better place to live,” said Sherwood.

The city’s public data repository already boasts a range of relevant data, some IoT-generated, some not. And efforts to make that data store more open have already begun to bear fruit, according to Sherwood. For example, one hackathon about a year ago resulted in an Alexa app that tells users how many traffic lights are out, by tracking energy usage data via the city’s portal, among other applications.

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