Asia’s leading platform for Internet of Things (IoT) returns to drive deeper insights into critical developments in the digital sphere, with new highlights on building value chains for Smart Cities and Industrial IoT. Bringing together a diverse spectrum of participants, IoT Asia 2019 aims to facilitate the application of IoT technologies in business communities. Singapore’s champion for the Smart Nation Initiative Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs will be in attendance as guest-of-honour to deliver his opening address on 27 March 2019 at 10:30 am.

Jointly organised by SingEx Exhibitions and the Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), the 6th edition of IoT Asia 2019 will be held at Hall 1, Singapore EXPO, 27-28 March 2019. It will be co-located with Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2019, which addresses the agenda of disruptive technologies and their applications in the retail fulfilment and logistics space.

Set to welcome over 6,000 international attendees, IoT Asia 2019 will showcase more than 100 technology companies, start-ups and emerging IoT players with innovative products and solutions to help businesses improve efficiency and increase bottom-line.

Furthering the agenda of creating collaborations in the IoT community, SIAA will be signing MOUs with the Singapore-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) and the Indonesia IoT Association on March 28 to form strategic alliances that impact innovation adoption. These MOUs will reflect the commitment of the countries in supporting the formation of an IoT-centric ecosystem that taps into the strength of shared networks and expertise.

“IoT trends and emerging technologies are set to reinvent the landscape by driving digital business innovation for a decade. We recognise that the adoption of IoT presents an

unparalleled opportunity for us to identify the technologies that will impact businesses in multiple industries. In this context, IoT 2019 plays a key role as an enabler of technology adoption; a matchmaker of quality business leads; and a cultivator of skills development and education,” said Mr. James Boey, Executive Director, Industrial & Urban Solutions, SingEx Exhibitions.

Mr. Terence Teo, President, Singapore Industrial Automation Association, further commented on the impact of technology innovations: “We are at a higher stage of civilisation where it has been exponentially transformed by accelerated technological development. Undeniably, emerging technologies have helped to grow businesses through greater data- driven insights, and as the industry grows at an unprecedented rate, advanced technologies will be required to make sense of the complex bulk of digital data collected.”

IoT Asia 2019 has evolved into an active ecosystem that connects other business and emerging technology communities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and implementation in multiple industries. Launched at IoT Asia last year, the Interchange team has joined hands with De/Centralize, a Blockchain community, to curate conversations with seasoned technologists that examine the intersection of IoT and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

Through interesting onsite and digital-streaming formats, Interchange will provide companies with an opportunity to identify the possibilities offered by DLT and blockchain- defined perimeters in their enterprise deployment. To facilitate this engagement and to understand why blockchain is a game changer, Interchange will address the challenges and uncover the potential opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. (For details on the Interchange, please refer to Annex A).

This year’s conference kicks off with a focus on building value chains with key segments on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. IoT 2019 will delve into specific industry sectors such as e-commerce and construction with a focus on key areas of application: 1) Superior infrastructure with enhanced security via Blockchain; 2) Advanced data analytics using Artificial Intelligence 3) Data analytics and 4) Enablers

The conference programme features a stellar cast of international luminaries such as Saadia MUZAFFAR, Founder, TechGirls and former member of Waterfront Toronto’s Digital Strategy Advisory Panel, Canada; and Martin YATES, Chief Technology Officer, South Asia & Emerging Markets, Dell EMC who will take to the Unplugged Stage for a no-holds barred discussion on the implications of smart cities.

Tackling the hot topic of IoT security is Prof. YU Chien Siang, Chief Innovation & Trust Officer, Amaris AI; and Oliver Meili, Head of IoT Development & Operations, Bosch Software Innovations, among others, while Anthony Burke, Professor of Architecture & Associate Dean of International & Engagement, Faculty of Design Architecture & Building, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; Joelle Chen, Director, Global Partnerships & Marketing, Intelligent Air Solutions, MANN+HUMMEL Group; and Salim Aslam, IoT Solution Architect, Social Innovation Business, Hitachi Consulting, Singapore will share insights on reimagining and redefining a truly intelligent city.

Navigating the IoT security landscape with new technologies like 5G, blockchain and AI adds to existing challenges faced by governments and industries. We pose questions such as “how will future developments of these technologies take shape”, “what are the key considerations and implications for governments and industries”, and “what are the measures to better address security-breach concerns?”

Join us for an interactive discussion on “Shake-ups in the emerging IoT security landscape,” on 27 March, 3pm at the Unplugged Stage

Driven by progress in automation, human jobs will not disappear but rather evolve, renew and become more complex. The labour force will therefore have to acquire new skills. What are the new skills that will be in demand in an AI future? Find out how AI and humans are able to co-exist in the workforce and the types of management frameworks that have to be created to ensure successful collaborations between humans and machines.

Join our discussion ”Human cognitive capabilities and skills that matter for an AI future

– Will we have what it takes?” on 27 March, 4pm at the Unplugged Stage.

Behind the design of Singapore’s first integrated “Smart district” At the forefront of Singapore’s Smart Nation push is the Punggol Digital District (PDD), envisioned to be a vibrant district where cutting-edge technology and social innovation transform the way we work, live, learn and play in the future. The first district in Singapore to adopt an integrated masterplan approach – combining a business park, a university and community facilities – PDD aims to create synergies, enable close integration between industry and academia, as well as foster vibrant and strong communities.

Housing key growth sectors that abide within IoT such as cyber security, artificial intelligence and data analytics, the district will be an ecosystem of open innovation and a conducive test-bed environment, enabling businesses and the community to thrive in a digital economy.

To learn more about Singapore’s first Smart district, join us on 27 March, 1:20pm at the Centre Stage. 

For more information on the conference programmes at IoT Asia 2019 and LMFA 2019, log on to and

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