5G, IoT, AI to Be Key Topics at MWC19 LA

“Organizers with the GSMA say they expect MWC19 Los Angeles to attract over 22,000 attendees…”

Riding on the high of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, GSMA organizers have announced details for this year’s big American event.

Mobile World Congress Americas has been rebranded “MWC19 Los Angeles” for this year, though it will retain the same venue as last year at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Many of the same topics will be in the spotlight, too, with 5G technology, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and VR and AR still enjoying a growing amount of buzz among in the mobile sector and adjacent industries.

Accordingly, the four main themes of MWC19 Los Angeles will be ‘5G’, ‘IoT’, ‘Disruptive Innovation’, and ‘Immersive Content’.

As for who’s coming, over a thousand companies are expected to be in attendance, including Amazon, Cisco, Ericsson, Gemalto, Mastercard, Nokia, Qualcomm, VMWare, and Xiaomi; and the presence of some of these companies in particular suggests that biometric technology will be an important topic as well. The US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency will also be on hand, and will host the final round of a three-year R&D program called the Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, which is aimed at leveraging AI to fully exploit the potential of the wireless spectrum.

Organizers with the GSMA say they expect MWC19 Los Angeles to attract over 22,000 attendees, with more than 60 percent in senior-level positions. The event is slated to run from October 22nd to 24th.

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