Telecommunications companies know their success is based on their customer’s experience. The place to make it happen starts in the business plan.  Angela Leavitt, founder and CEO of Mojo Marketing, explains to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication how she targeted the Telecommunications industry with her company being the first and only full-service marketing company dedicated exclusively to the Telecommunications and IT industries.

Angela Leavitt

They can help telecom companies get their marketing and sales teams aligned via their business plan that can be downloaded FREE. First establish company goals, then identify what that means for marketing and then what it means for sales. Once established, then you can create:

  • Marketing/Sales Goals
  • Strategies
  • Tactics

Mojo Marketing has a wealth of knowledge about telecom and current marketing strategies.  They can help with website tracking, planning and budgeting, running campaigns, choosing marketing automation tools, improving your SEO and much more.

You do not have to explain Telecommunications to Mojo Marketing, they know it well and can help you succeed in what is now a very fast paced industry.

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