LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, one of the world’s leaders in computer
technology, wants to extend an invitation to welcome everyone to explore
the next smart digital evolution at the most iconic tech trade show on
the planet, CES at Las Vegas, this January 2019.

At the forefront of innovation, GIGABYTE echoes CES’ hot topics to
showcase key solutions for the intelligent generation. For the next
evolution of 5G, AI, AIOT, cloud computing and other forward-looking
technologies, GIGABYTE brings a wealth of innovative solutions including
liquid cooling, cloud storage, AI training, face recognition, and
AI-integrated laptops to help users seamlessly transition into the

CES Ready

The key to evolve smart technology lies in machines’ ability to store
and analyze large amount of information therefore learning to make
predictions or decisions and create valuable economic data. GIGABYTE
will demonstrate how hardware infrastructure, coupled with software
integration, can create the ideal system solutions that initiate smarter

Smarter future requires high density computing, and it often faces the
challenge of heat dissipation. GIGABYTE wowed CES with a fully-submerged
system that breaks the physical limitations of traditional air cooling
system and effectively cools heat created by the hyper-processing
computers to a sustained condition. This year GIGABYTE introduces the
next generation of the Two-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling System,
featuring a standardized proof of concept unit that is immediately
available to purchase. Through continuous improvement, this new
generation is able to provide double the amount of floating point
operations performance and achieve even better PUE
in an even more compact physical size, presents an enhanced solutions to
the ever-increasing computation demands.

Another rising challenge of the future is how to securely and
efficiently manage the stored data. VirtualStor Extreme is GIGABYTE’s
decentralized storage cluster solution that, invented with software-defined
vendor Bigtera, can simplify storage management using
virtualized system architecture. It can integrate and manage existing
storage systems (including the vast majority of storage types on the
market such as SAN, NAS, Object, File) to provide unprecedented
flexibility to allocate and use existing storage resources, allowing a
smooth and smart digital transformation.

AI Ready

As people having greater expectations for smarter technologies,
businesses’ demand for faster machine learning is also growing at an
exponential rate. Considering there’s need for on-premises self-built AI
infrastructure, GIGABYTE has partnered with ITRI (Industrial Technology
Research Institute) of Taiwan to develop a DNN (Deep Neural Network)
workload-optimized appliance which can optimize batch operations through
automatic parameter adjustments and better GPU memory utilization. By
adopting a graphical interface and letting non-technical users to
experiment freely, the DNN shreds significant time from trial and error,
making it the perfect cross-discipline AI training program to transform
businesses to the new intelligent generation.

AI is seeing a promising resurgence in recent years due to the
significantly more powerful computational systems. GIGABYTE has brought
several AI applications to CES as live demonstration of its convenience.
A smart digital signage, which can display advertisements based on
different attributes such as gender and age, is a glimpse of what
personalized marketing without the invasion of privacy would be.
GIGABYTE is also very proud to announce the world’s first AI high
performance laptops during CES – the all new AERO 15. With Microsoft
Azure Machine Learning, the laptop is able to determine users’ program
patterns and allocate the best CPU and GPU wattage usage to empower the
optimized performance at all times. The passive optimization experience
will be a prime example of an AI-adaptive future that transforms digital
to smart digital of the 5G era.

Future Awaits

The CES is the marquee tech event of the year, and the world is eager to
know what the future holds. GIGABYTE is primed and ready to exhibit its
smart solutions that will propel 5G technology advancement and vindicate
its capability to “Upgrade Your Life”. From January 8th
to 11th GIGABYTE expects to share technology insights and
explore future endeavors with innovators from around the globe at LVCC
(Las Vegas Convention Center) South Hall 1.

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