One of the commonest mistakes investors make is to believe they’ve missed the boat on fast-rising shares.

In fact this mistake is often the most expensive you can make, as if you exclude yourself from the best performing stocks on the basis they’re ‘too expensive’ ‘too risky’ or because it’s ‘too late’, you may miss out on some of the best long-term growth stories.

In fact my first article EVER for The Motley Fool back in May 2013 was titled “Australia’s digital economy set to take off” and it considered how the rise of the internet meant a “whole new layer of infrastructure will be required to support the government-backed digital economy”.

That layer of infrastructure referred to is of course cloud computing in terms of the need for data centres to store the fast-rising amounts of data businesses are producing. 

Even back in 2013 it crossed my mind as to whether it was too late to invest in the shift to cloud computing, but 6 years later cloud computing or online connectivity businesses are still some of the best-performing on the ASX and in the world. 

This shows how it’s sometimes never too late to buy into some of the world’s fastest growing listed businesses.

Here are three in the cloud or online connectivity space that look worth buying.

It’s already very profitable and importantly is growing margins and revenues to suggests this is a strong business with a high return on equity and little debt. The valuation at $30.50 is high, but not compared to some others in the space.

The $700 billion “war on cash” is on… and even The New York Times is calling it “a goldmine of staggering proportions”…

Heck, stock #1 is already up 204% in just the last two years. While Stock #2 has climbed an eye-watering 954% since 2015 alone…

Yet we’re convinced the sheer biggest returns could be still ahead, with 10X or more potential profits still on the table. Simply click the link below now and we’ll show you how to snap up this timely (and potentially highly profitable) new research for FREE.

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