The revolutionary implant is aiming to improve the life of hemifacial palsy, a devastating clinical condition, in the latest artificial intelligence breakthrough.

Sufferers of the condition lose all movement in one half of their face, leading to functional, aesthetic and communication problems.

Although patients can undergo surgery, it does not solve all problems.

A team from Harvard Medical School has created a bionic face implant to restore movement to all of the patient’s face.

BIONIC FACE: An implant to cure facial paralysis is being developed (Pic: GETTY)

The bionic face is used as an implant

IMPLANT: The bionic face could fix people’s smiles (Pic: GETTY)

It would do so by using electrical signals from the uninjured side of the face to trigger muscle movement on the opposite side.

It also works on the principal that most facial movements, especially positive ones, are symmetrical.

Promising results have been found when testing the bionic face on animals.

Harvard Medical School’s Dr Nate Jowett said: “Such an approach would represent a paradigm shift in management.”

The device stimulated movement in the whiskers and eyes of rats subjected to the condition.

Dr Jowett adds: “The ultimate goal of reanimation is to restore dynamic motion of the entire facial musculature.

“Restoration of three symmetric facial movements alone, brow elevation, blind and smile, would dramatically improve outcomes.”

Authors of the study have stressed that although initial results are promising, human testing of the device is still someway off.

A bionic eye could cure blindness

BIONIC EYE: Another bionic device could cure blindness (Pic: GETTY)

Further studies have been planned to develop a smaller, implantable device.

The bionic face is by far from the first revolutionary piece of kit to enter the medical world.

A bionic eye which could potentially cure blindness is ready to be implanted into humans.

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